Friday, 28 December 2018

Christmas is Here: The Big Day

So the big day was quickly upon us....I always feel like there is such a big lead up to Christmas that it is almost an odd feeling when it is actually here!
I spent the day with family, we celebrated by eating lots of food, playing games and sipping on prosecco...the perfect day.

Here are some cute pictures summing up my day.

My beautiful place setting at the table on Christmas day!

Lemon and raspberry baked cheesecake!

We weren't going to do crackers this year simply because of the waste that is produced but my mum surprised us with Space NK crackers! They were the aesthetic dream and had amazing 'prizes' including resurfacing serums, perfume and make up. A great way to try new products and create less waste...

A Christmas pavlova, crammed with fruit and salted caramel cream...

A log burner just screams Christmas and winter!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to bringing in the New Year...

Monday, 17 December 2018

2018...The year I set myself challenges

I wad feeling deflated after 2017, I felt like I hadn't achieved as much as I wanted. It was a meh year and I was determined to make 2018 different and full of excitement and challenges. 

So New Years Day came around and I decided to set my self the challenge of achieving 12 things in 12 months. Although I didn't quite do 12, I did do a fair amount and am finishing the year feeling so much happier and proud of myself. 

So if you're feeling a bit flat and want something to aim towards in 2019 have a read of some of the things that I've done this year! The main thing is is to do things for yourself, some of my challenges were small but some were also very big, so make sure they're manageable.

1. Flew a airplane
2. Became vegetarian 
3. Joined University of London Officer Training Corps
4. Bought my first car 
5. Bought my first flat with my sister
6. Ran Brighton marathon 
7. Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
8. Raised £3000 for charity 
9. Done some amazing work placements 

Although I didn't quite complete all 12, I am so happy with what I have achieved and would really recommend setting yourself challenges for 2019. 

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Christmas is Coming: Ice Skating in Brighton

I am finally back from university and home for Christmas! There are so many Christmassy things to do in Brighton, however one of my favs is ice skating at the Pavilion...

Around the Christmas period there is an ice skating rink outside of the Pavilion, with a restaurant and bar. They play Christmas music and have festive lights projected on the Pavilion, creating a perfect Christmas atmosphere. 

Tickets are super cheap and it is such a great thing to do with friends, family or partners. It got me feeling very festive...

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Christmas is Coming: A Day in London

With Christmas quickly approaching I thought it was time for a festive day in London. Although I live near London, I wanted to be a tourist for the day and see all the classic Christmas lights and decorations! Here are some of the best places to make sure you don't miss anything when visiting London at Christmas. Be prepared to battle with shoppers and the million other people doing the exact same as you!

1. Winter Wonderland! Hyde Park is covered with lights, rides and bratwurst sausage stands! Although it was incredibly busy and overpriced, it is very festive and has lots of live singers to enjoy a glass of mulled wine to.
Be prepared to queue!


2. The rooftop terrace and John Lewis, Oxford Street. 
A bit more tasteful and equally as festive!

3. Carnaby Street lights! They're always amazing and this year they are based on Queen lyrics. The vibrant colors and alternative decorations are stunning. Make sure you have a look in Liberty whilst you're over there. 

4. Covent Garden Christmas Tree! Bigger than ever, Covent Garden did not disappoint.

5. Keep refreshed! Shopping and getting in to the festive spirit is thirsty work so keep refreshed and hydrated...


Sunday, 2 December 2018

Christmas is Coming: Bath Markets

It's officially December meaning Christmas has begun!!

Yesterday my friend and I took our annual tradition to go and visit the Bath Christmas Markets. Each year it is getting bigger and bigger, with more stalls and definitely more tourists. However, it was full of gorgeous stall holders, selling candles, gin and jewelry. It is the perfect place to crack on with some Christmas shopping as well as get yourself in the spirit. 

The food is divine, with so many options! I went for a vegan chickpea dahl from one of the stands which we enjoyed whilst listening to some live music. There is also mulled wine everywhere which is amazing! The streets are filled with carol singers and buskers creating the perfect atmosphere for Christmas. 

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Running a Marathon

In a moment of madness, last year I signed up for the 2018 Brighton marathon. I followed a 17 week Virgin marathon training plan for beginners. This meant I was running 3 times a week for 17 weeks in the run up to the marathon. On top of this I was also doing a spin class and weight class to keep up my general fitness. I really hate running and still do to be honest but it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. The feeling of accomplishment was like nothing else, not to mention how fit I was after training so intensely for so long. I found the actual marathon day a real mix of emotions, I cried whenever I saw family or friends, was starving, laughing and miserable! I finished in just over 5 hours, so not as quick a I was hoping, but given injuries I was happy to even finish!

If you're looking for a challenge for 2019 I cannot recommend enough signing up for a challenge such as a marathon, half marathon or 10k. 

Here are some top tips that I learnt along the way...If you are looking at signing up for a running event of some sort or just want to get fitter by doing more exercise, I would recommend following some of these tips!

1. Buy good running trainers and clothes. You are going to be wearing them a lot and fashion brands just aren't good enough and will lead to injuries!

2. Fuel yourself! You are running so far and so often, so make sure you crab up and fuel your body.

3. Remember why you are doing this! When you're having to train in the dark, rain and cold it can get really easy to forget why you need to go for a run, so just remember the end goal!

4. Try all supplements before the day! Many events give out energy gels, however make sure you have tested any gels or supplements that you are going to be using during training. This will ensure that it won't make you unwell.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Stylist Live VIP

This weekend was Stylist Live, an immersive event that brings Stylist magazine to life. Over 21,000 people visited through out the three days, creating an amazing atmosphere. The aesthetics were to die for, the food looked and smelt amazing and the pink gin just kept on flowing. There were guest speakers, yoga workshops, fashion and lifestyle stands and freebies galore!

Although I did not attend the event, I worked it! I was by the vending machine of dreams which was located in the VIP section (if you can get your hands on one of the tickets I'd really recommend it, the attention to detail was insane), each VIP member got a packet of Candy Kittens, with some having stickers on the back equating to prizes. Someone even won a trip to the Maldives!! It was an incredible weekend and I would really recommend getting a ticket for next year if you are interested in all things fashion, lifestyle and well being or just want an excuse to have a few drinks and spend the day mooching round Olympia, Kensington with some friends!

Here are some pictures that I managed to get of the VIP section before we opened! As you can see it is a plush pink, navy and house plant lovers dream...